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Felt hairclips

While browsing through the net a few weeks ago, I found these incredibly gorgeous felt hair clips!

Of course, my brain mechanisms started rolling right away and I HAD to figure out how they were made.

A few supplies and my own original sketches later, I came up with some very cute (if i say so myself) hair clips for my girls. i made some just in felt and some with cotton fabric too.

The girls were ecstatic about them and wear them all the time. At school, both their friends and their teachers compliment them on these hair clips, and of course they very proudly say: “Thank you, my Mom made them!”

I’ll leave you with photos of some of them! Oh, and if you’re interested in having some for your little girl, please let me know. I will probably be setting up an Etsy shop, but it might take a while 🙂



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