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Organizing 101 – storage jars

I often browse the internet to look for ideas on how to organize my pantry.  OK, I don’t really have a pantry, just some shelves in the basement and the cupboards in the kitchen.

However, I do love the idea of having things at hands reach when I’m cooking. Let’s face it, no matter how good a cook you are if you have to go through 1 or 2 flights of stairs to get your ingredients, you’re likely to get frustrated…

We do store some things in our kitchen cupboards, but there just  isn’t enough room to have everything we use in our daily cooking upstairs in the kitchen.

This is the reason why we purchased an used hutch online. It brought us some more storing space (for our mismatched china 🙂 ) and some counter space that I now use for my storage jars.

When we bought it, it didn’t look this good 🙂 It was dirty and the glass in two of the doors was completely nonexistent.

We put new glass in and cleaned it. I then applied some wood product (I can’t remember the name) that brought forward the dark coloring and the natural shine of the wood. I LOVE it!!! It gives such a cozy feeling to our kitchen/dining room.

We also got a slightly used computer desk/cabinet that I’m using to organize bills, receipts, cook books, and other odds and ends that until now were just thrown on the kitchen counter. (I will post some more about this later on)

Both these pieces provided us with some much needed surfaces to use for displaying some of our Portuguese pottery, our small wine rack and of course, my storage jars!!!

I really like the idea of being able to look around my kitchen and see my jars filled with all these dry goodies that we so often use in our recipes.

Here are a few photos of my jars:

All the jars in the hutch were purchased brand new. They were on sale, of course 😉  I placed some dollar store measuring spoons inside some of them so it’s easier to get the contents out of the jar.

The rest of the jars are just over sized pickles jars.   I’m always looking for big inexpensive jars. If it happens that they come filled with yummy pickles……..

So, I decided to revamp the jars so it would be easier to identify the contents.  I simply cut some rectangles out of chipboard, distressed them with an ink pad (to give them a shabby-chic look), wrote the name of the jar contents with a thick black marker, punched a hole on one side, looped a thick jewelry cotton  string around the hole, and tied them around the top of the jar.

They look so cool. At least to me they do 🙂  It feels like they really tie in with the color of the wood of the furniture.

The next step is to find some decorative solution for the lids. They look OK right now, but I’d love to be able to tie them in with each other by having similar lids.

This means that I will have to do some more online research….

That’s it for today. I hope you like my jars as much as I do! (between you an me… I feel really clever, lol)

‘Till later!


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