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Cake anyone??? – The Minecraft Block

It has been so long since I last posted!!!

A lot has been going on around here. Work is busier than ever and it has been hard to find time to dedicate to my hobbies 🙁

However, I did manage to accomplish a few things since the last time I posted.

Today I will post about the cake I made for my son last December. It seems that there is this “fever” going around about an online game named Minecraft. I personally don’t see what’s so captivating about it; a bunch of pixelated characters walking around… Anyway, my son has joined the millions that find the game so fascinating.

As a result, when asked what cake he would like for his birthday, he replied: a Minecraft themed cake…………..

After looking around for some inspiration, I finally decided on making a simple dirt block. I thought I was being so smart! It’s just a simple block, right?  Yeah, WRONG! I wasn’t counting on the pixels!!! Being a perfectionist, I couldn’t just make a block with brown on the bottom and green on the top. I had to make several different hues of brown and green to achieve the pixelated look.

Long story short, it took me close to three hours to cut and place all the pixels on the block. The final result????? SO WORTH IT!!! My son loved it and his computer oriented friends recognized the cake for what it was immediately!!

Minecraft Cake - Dirt Block

Minecraft Cake – Dirt Block

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