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Cake anyone??? – The Lorax

Last year, my youngest daughter was part of the choir at school. It was such a fun time for her.

The choir was called the Musical Munchkins and was directed by one of the music teachers at the school. They even got to go to a local competition and won the gold medal!!! Yep, they were THAT good! πŸ˜€

Can you tell the amount of motherly pride I feel??? πŸ˜€

Anyway, at the end of the year they did a small presentation for parents. The theme was The Lorax by Dr. Seuss.

They did so well at both the competition and the presentation, that the teacher decided to throw a small party for them, and asked for small contributions from the parents. Being who I am, I could not help myself but to offer to bake them a themed cake; which was promptly accepted by the teacher πŸ™‚ , who requested that I make it about The Lorax.

Oh, and did I mention that the entire choir had around 75 members?????? Yes, not only did I have to make a cake about the Lorax, I had to make it big enough for everyone!!

I finally decided to make one big (10 inch) round cake (for all the teachers and volunteers involved with the choir) and 75 cupcakes for the kids.

The Lorax Cake

The Lorax Cake

I used the stand my dear husband made for me in order to display everything.

The Lorax was sculpted in gum paste and was surrounded by Truffula trees. These were made using candy paper sticks, painted with black strips, and topped with clusters of mini coloured marshmallows.

Each of the cupcake had a wrapper with passages from the book. My girls helped cutting and gluing them together. They were iced with buttercream and decorated with a candy melt musical note.

The music teacher was amazed by it and so very grateful! The kids were ecstatic and anxious to eat it.

The best part of it all was to have them sing a beautiful song just for me, as a thank you for the cake. My eyes teared up at the beauty of their voices, so innocent and pure; and the heartfelt feeling of love and friendship they transmitted.

I spent a few (around 7) hours working on the cake but it was well worth the effort!

Take care,



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