Alberta Floods Relief Efforts

It is in times of struggle that I am most amazed with the kindness, support and caring that teachers are capable of.

Following the recent natural disaster of the Alberta floods, teacher sellers from the Teachers Pay Teachers community got together and donated some of their amazingly awesome products to form 3 different bundles to be sold at TpT and which profits will revert in their totality to Red Cross in order to aid in the Alberta Floods Relief Efforts.

Please visit TpT and purchase these bundles. Each bundle is priced at $25 but their  value is worth hundreds. You will be getting a great deal while helping those that were caught in the floods.

The bundles are being kindly hosted by Rainbow City Learning, a TpT seller that took upon her to organize everything. Please visit her store and purchase those bundles. Click the image below to get to Rainbow City Learning Store. You will easily recognize the bundles.


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