Hot Off the Press!! – am Word Family and Spring Colors

Hi everyone! It has been a while since I last posted anything in here. I have been feeling under the weather lately and I have found that writing my blog takes quite a bit of energy 🙂

Anyway, now that I am starting to feel better, it is time to get back to sharing my thoughts 😉

I have recently release another of my Spring themed file folder activities bundle. The File Folder – Matching Colors – Spring set is available here and here. This set focuses on colors and students can enjoy matching spring themed images in 12 beautiful colors.

This package includes five different Spring themed file folder activities for color recognition.

Activity 1 – the students match the color cards to the butterflies. (color only)

Activity 2 – the students match the color cards to the snails. (color + word)

Activity 3 – the students match the color cards to the Easter eggs. (word only)

Activity 4 – the students match the flowers to their pots. (color only)

Activity 5 – the students match the birdhouses to the colors. (word only)


The latest product I released was a Word Families product.

Word families’ instruction allows the students to learn how to identify, recognize and pronounce certain sounds of the English vocabulary. This is extremely important to early readers because it provides them with tools to being able to break larger words into known words/sounds in order to later decode unknown words.

This product focuses on the “am” word family and includes the following components:

– 3 sets of task cards – each set corresponds to a different level of difficulty. Students have to find the words from this word family and match them to the word at the top of the card.

– 3 sets of cards for memory match games – each set corresponds to a different level of difficulty. As they play the game, students have to use reading skills as well as memory skills to match the correct cards.

– 8 puzzles – students complete the puzzles in order to obtain words and images combinations belonging to this word family.

– 9 worksheets – these worksheets were developed to consolidate reading skills as students use their knowledge of this word family to complete each worksheet. There are US and UK versions of the worksheets whenever needed for spelling purposes. Answer keys for the worksheets are provided.

– words included – Pam, ham, yam, dam, jam, ram, clam, tram. The last worksheet also includes the words swam and slam.

The file also includes Teacher’s Notes with suggestions on how to use each activity. You can find this product here and here.


I am so proud of both these products! They took me quite a bit of time to complete but I am very pleased with the final result!

Thank you for reading!



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