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Meet my Guest of Honor – Brenda Kovich

Teaching SeriouslyToday’s Guest of Honor is Brenda Kovich and she is the teacher behind Brenda Kovich  TeachersPayTeachers store and the Teaching . . . Seriously  blog. Please visit her store and blog and leave her some “love” 😉

Here are Brenda’s answers to my interview:

How long have you been a teacher?

31 years.

Why did you become a teacher?

Helping others learn is my passion.

Which grades have you taught so far?

Mostly 4th.

What subjects do you rather teach?


What is your favorite aspect of being a teacher?

My favorite part of teaching is teaching itself: imparting knowledge. I love finding ways to connect with my students so they truly “get it!”

Tell us about the teacher that most made an impression on you as a student.

In junior high school (grades 7-9), I had a math teacher with a casual but very personal style of teaching. She made us feel important! I believe that her influence made me truly want to be a teacher.

Tell us a funny/interesting story that happened to you during your career as a teacher.

Oh, there are many! Here’s just one that comes to mind:

One time I decided to offer an “invention table” with pieces of old products students could take apart and reconfigure. One of my students connected a small light bulb to an electrical cord, plugged it in, and with a big ZAP the entire wing of the school lost electrical power.

What advice would you give a new teacher? (Something that you wish you had known when you first started.)

Dream big, reach big! When teachers try new things and have high expectations, their students can really fly!

What does your ideal classroom look like? 

My ideal classroom would have 1:1 computing and a separate glassed-in area where students could work independently yet still be seen by the teacher.

What drove you into becoming a Teacher-Author at TeachersPayTeachers?

I love creating teaching materials and needed a new challenge.

From all the products in your store, which one is your favorite and why?

My favorite products involve writing. For example, I love “The Best-Dressed Witch,” a Halloween writing project.

[click the HERE to go to the product’s TpT page!]


As a special treat for our readers, Brenda shared one of her Freebies! Get it HEREYou can also read about this freebie on this blog post! Enjoy!

I hope you enjoyed reading about today’s Guest of Honor! Don’t forget to follow this blog and get to know more of my guests 😉

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