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Freebie Alert!!! – Classroom Rules

Hello my dear readers! Today I have a surprise for you….

We all know how important it is to establish classroom rules, routines and expectations right from the first day of school. If we want our students to take ownership and responsibility for their behavior, we have to let them know what they can and cannot do.

Most teachers take the first few weeks of school to establish their classroom management systems.  Creating classroom rules with their students is a crucial part of the process.

To help you in the creation of rules for your classroom, I designed a series of editable templates that you can use to post your rules into your classroom walls. You only need to type each rule into one of the posters, print it and attach it to the wall.

Please click the image below to download your freebie! Don’t forget to leave feedback too 😉

Freebie Classroom Rules Editable Posters


I hope you are able to put this freebie into good use. If you want, you can even share photos of yourself using this freebie on my facebook page 😀

Take care,





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