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Meet my Guest of Honor – Jessica Smallwood

Jessica SmallwoodToday’s Guest of Honor is Jessica Smallwood and she is the teacher behind Jessica Smallwood TeachersPayTeachers store . Please visit her store and leave her some “love” 😉

Here are Jessica’s answers to my interview:

How long have you been a teacher?

3 years.

Why did you become a teacher?

I became a teacher to inspire kids to love learning as much as my 3rd grade teacher did for me. I love kids and their honesty and naivety to the world. I hope to be able to provide my students with the exposure and tools they need to be successful! Having Summers off was also a plus! 😉

Which grades have you taught so far?

Grade 2.

What subjects do you rather teach?


What is your favorite aspect of being a teacher?

My favorite aspect of being a teacher is not knowing how the day will turn out. I love coming to school every day not knowing what will happen. It keeps my job interesting and makes for an interesting profession.

Tell us about the teacher that most made an impression on you as a student.

My 3rd grade teacher Mrs. Young was the absolute best teacher I have ever come across. You could really tell that she loved her students and what she did. She inspired creativity in her classroom and introduced me to so many great books that I would have never been able to read on my own at that age. I definitely took the first chance I had to thank her for everything! 

Jessica's Classroom

Jessica’s Classroom

Tell us a funny/interesting story that happened to you during your career as a teacher.

I participate in our after school program so I always have students from other classes in my after school classes. We are supposed to take attendance every day. I know most of the kids so I don’t call roll, I just mark who I see. Well, I marked someone named Lloyd absent everyday and added another kid’s name at the bottom of the roster who showed up everyday. When the next session rolled around and I received a new class. I called out roll and Lloyd was on the list again. I called it out thinking, “this kid never shows up, why does he keep signing up for after school program?” Finally, a student raises his hand. It was the student who I added to my list every day last session. I told the kids, “his name is not Lloyd!” They all cracked up laughing! Apparently, that is his real name. I had been calling him by his nickname for the whole year without ever knowing. The kids still tease me about this!

Jessica's Classroom

Jessica’s Classroom

What advice would you give a new teacher? (Something that you wish you had known when you first started.)

My advice for new teachers is FOLLOW THROUGH! If you say you are going to do something, you have to be prepared to actually do it. Don’t threaten something that you know you would never do! The kids will start to see it as a weakness and test you everyday.

What does your ideal classroom look like? 

My ideal classroom has windows and a nice carpet area. I have been in a portable since I’ve started teaching and they are not the biggest structures. Also, I teach in Las Vegas where it gets too hot to have windows in the Summer. I would love to have some!

Jessica's Classroom

Jessica’s Classroom

Jessica's Classroom

Jessica’s Classroom

What drove you into becoming a Teacher-Author at TeachersPayTeachers?

I love making new things and sharing them with people. It’s kind of my way of being crafty without spending too much money. When I found TPT, I started out only as a buyer. My brother convinced me to start selling my products. The rest is history.

From all the products in your store, which one is your favorite and why?

My favorite product is my Poetry Slam. I think it is well thought out and organized! I love how the posters go with the planning pages and how the students can take those pages to create a final book! I was so proud of this product! I got so many compliments from my colleagues who tried it out for me. I knew it was a winner!

Poetry Slam by Jessica Smallwood

Click this image to go to the product page!

Here are some thumbnails of Jessica’s favorite TpT product!


Anything else about yourself that you would like us to know?

I live in Las Vegas where it gets HOT HOT HOT, so those Summers in the cool house are really nice! I would love to move somewhere else, but I am afraid of weather and being out of my comfort zone! Hopefully I find somewhere I would like very soon! Also, I would love to be a specialist. Helping teachers is something I love to do! I believe I would do a good job in this position!


As a special treat for our readers, Jessica provided us with a link to one of her freebies .

Make sure you drop by her store and grab the freebie HERE :) (Please remember to leave feedback)

I hope you enjoyed reading about today’s Guest of Honor! Don’t forget to follow this blog and get to know more of my guests 😉

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  • Reply
    Linda Young
    August 27, 2014 at 3:21 pm

    Jessica, I am so proud of you! Thank you for the glowing compliments! It’s wonderful to know that I had a positive impact on your life. May you love your career as much as I did. Love, Linda Young (Your 3rd grade teacher)

    • Reply
      Always a Teacher & Forever a Mom
      August 29, 2014 at 9:30 am

      Thank you for leaving this message here for Jessica. It is obvious that you both shared a very special relationship 🙂

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