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Today I bring you a blog hop that some other TpT tutor-authors and I decided to throw this weekend.

For the last couple of weeks we have been swapping resources with each other and trying them with our students. We wanted to share our findings with the world, thus the idea of the blog hop. I hope you enjoy hopping to each of our blogs and learn all about the resources we have been using.  Also, in each blog there will be a freebie waiting for you 😀

Tutors On TPT Blog Hop

I am excited to bring you a great resource by Stefany from Interactive Learning With Miss Stefany”.

I have a student that is lacking in basic knowledge of fraction simplification. We went over the concepts several times and he was starting to get it (he’s a very smart boy), but I felt that something was missing from my approach. When the idea of the swap came up, I jumped at the idea and was super-excited when I was paired with Stefany. She has some EXCELLENT resources on this topic! Exactly what I needed.

“Simplifying Fractions & Improper Fractions {Anchor Charts w/Quick Worksheets}” is a packet that addresses fraction simplification in a very accessible way. It explains the process step by step (just how I like it) and then provides lots of practice for the students to solidify their new skills.

Stefany has used my Place Value Bell Ringers and will also write a review on it. Please make sure you visit her blog post to read about it 😉     CLICK HERE

original-1199034-1 MATH_thumbnail-Place value-2-digit-bell-ringer

You can click either of the images above to go to their correspondent TPT pages.

The first thing that captivated me when I looked through Stefany’s resource, was the colourful anchor charts with the step by step instructions. My student was immediately drawn to them and as we read through the instructions, I could see his eyes grow bigger and bigger as the concepts made way into his brain, lol.

The step by step, illustrated instructions helped him understand the whole process of fraction simplification.


After reading through each of the charts, we decided to give the worksheets a go.

This resource has two sets of worksheets. The first set works through each step on a on-by-one basis. The student fills in the allotted spaces with the calculations until he reaches the final answer on the right side of the page. This process helped my student practice and internalize the process. By the end of the sheet, he was working independently and I actually had to ask him to stop so we could move on to other things, lol.

wpid-wp-1431742909353.jpegAfter a couple of sessions of working with the first set of sheets, we started working on the second set. This new set comes in black and white and promotes independent work. The steps are still visible but this time the clues are missing. The student knows that he/she has a certain number of steps to perform, but he/she needs to recall them without the aid of the clues.

I found this resource to be cleverly designed. It helped my student tremendously and I am quite happy to have been able to use it and review it. I am certainly using it over and over again whenever my students have difficulties with this skill.

As a thank you for reading my blog post and visiting our blog hop, I’m leaving you with a small freebie I came up with for fraction simplification. Click the image below to get it. I hope you enjoy it!

MATH SUPERSTAR Fractions-Simplification-Sample

Finally, don’t forget to visit the remaining authors’ sites on this FABULOUS blog hop!!!

Take care,

Always a Teacher & Forever a Mom

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