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With the upcoming sale at Teachers Pay Teachers, everyone is scrambling to get their carts ready in order to take advantage of the huge savings, me included!

So, I thought I’d join the Wishlist Linky at Teaching In The Tongass, and nudge you into wise decisions by showing off the three most wish-listed items in my store 😉 Take a look and enjoy!

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After taking a look at my post, please click the image above to check the top wish listed items in this linky’s participating stores.



First in the list is my Alphabet file folders’ bundle. This set is amazing (if I so say myself). Each letter has two different file folders replete with fun activities. Students love to interact with the folders, and they are also easily stored in a filling cabinet.

Don’t believe me? Visit my store HERE and click on the preview for an in-depth description of each activity. If you are wondering how to put together my file folder activities, you can look HERE and HERE for quick tutorials 🙂

Alphabet File Folder Activity Sets



Next in line, is the set of task cards that I created to help my little ones with their subitizing skills. This cards are fun and colorful. Exactly what children like 😉

You can read more about subitizing HERE, OR, you can watch the videos I created about this topic HERE and HERE.

Subitizing Task Cards




Last but not least, comes the apple of my eye for the past year. I had so much fun creating this decor set!!! Bright and colourful, this whimsical set includes a wide variety of decor elements.

3 wishlisted


And there you have them; the top wish-listed items in my store!

Take care,


Always a Teacher & Forever a Mom

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