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Baking is a passion! Decorating cakes a large part of it!

Cake anyone??? – The Lorax

Last year, my youngest daughter was part of the choir at school. It was such a fun time for her. The choir was called the Musical Munchkins and was directed by one of the music teachers at the school. They even got to go to a local competition and won the gold medal!!! Yep, they were THAT good! 😀 Can… Read more »

Cake anyone??? – The Minecraft Block

It has been so long since I last posted!!! A lot has been going on around here. Work is busier than ever and it has been hard to find time to dedicate to my hobbies 🙁 However, I did manage to accomplish a few things since the last time I posted. Today I will post about the cake I made… Read more »

Cake anyone???? – 40th Anniversary Cake

A friend requested that I make a cake for her in-laws 40th anniversary. After talking for a while about their likes and dislikes, we came to the conclusion that the activities that they enjoyed the most, the other didn’t really care for at all. This is so cute!! Anyway, the gentleman LOVES to go fishing and his wife of 40… Read more »

Cake anyone???? – Spring Cake

One more cake for the collection 😀 My youngest turned 8 in April and asked me for a Spring themed birthday party. She even listed all the elements that needed to be present in the cake: Green fondant as a base Lots of pretty flowers Butterflies Ladybugs Bumble bees Bunnies Hmmm, my first thought was: “That equals a lot of… Read more »

School Lunches – Applesauce

Here is another staple for our school lunches: applesauce. Of course you can always go to the grocery store and buy a bunch of jars of applesauce and/or those small plastic containers with just enough applesauce for one serving. However, if you are at all concerned with your children’s health and the state of the environment, you will make your… Read more »

Cake anyone???? – 10 years old cake

My middle child had her birthday in February. She turned 10. I can’t believe how fast my children are growing! For her birthday this year, she decided the theme would be “The Big 10” (read one-oh) I was a little concerned because I had no idea how to make a cake for this. She wanted something girly (but not too… Read more »