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Crafts Tuesdays – St. Patrick’s Day Magnets

St. Patrick's Day Magnets

With Valentine’s Day gone, it is time to think of the next holidays 🙂 I know Mardi Gras (or “Carnaval” like we call it in Portugal) comes before St. Patrick’s Day; however, I could not resist and make these! 😀 These cute magnets are an easy and fun way to bring St. Patrick’s Day cheer into your home or classroom…. Read more »

Organizing 101 – The File Folder part 2

On a previous post, I showed you how to assemble a simple file folder that children can use with white board markers. Today I bring you a tutorial on how to assemble file folders that have cut-out pieces that need to be stored. I will be assembling one of my most recent file folder activity sets. You can visit my… Read more »

Organizing 101 – The File Folder

I LOVE file folders. Indeed, I ADORE file folder activities. I discovered this ingenious idea when I was searching the internet for ways to make fun activities for my daycare kiddies. I had lots of ideas to teach them concepts but I wasn’t very fond of the idea of printing things over and over again. When I discovered this idea of… Read more »

Pleated Dress Tutorial

Hello everyone! I just wanted to leave you with the tutorial for the blue dress I wrote about in my last post. Instead of writing the tutorial here and having a huge post, I decided instead to make a PDF that you can download and save for later viewing if you so wish. I hope you enjoy it! Get your… Read more »

Redo those jeans!!!

I honestly don’t know why I got myself into this thing of blogs! I get so busy with work that blogging becomes a far, far, far away dream… 🙁  Muito sinceramente nao sei por que e que me meto a fazer coisas como este blog! Tenho estado tao ocupada com trabalho que escrever no mue blog tornou-se um sonho muito,… Read more »

A poncho a day…. Um poncho por dia….

…keeps my little girl smiling away!!     …mantem a minha menina em constante alegria!! Yesterday, after a brief discussion with my daughter about what clothes to wear on cold days, I decided if  I can’t win against them, I might just as well join them! That’s when I came up with this idea for a poncho; a warm, cozy piece of… Read more »