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Girly Room – the hairclip holder

Last Summer, I decided to redecorate the girls room. Let’s face it, they have to share it, so the least I can do for them is to make it more appealing…. At least that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it, lol! The decoration items are all inexpensive items that I have repurposed and all tied in together with the… Read more »

Sewing Magic – A Spring Dress

As I mentioned in the previous post, my youngest 8th birthday party was a Spring theme. Of course, being a busy Mom as I am, I HAD to find some time to make her a new dress. And it couldn’t be just any dress… NOOOO… It had to be a SPRING dress!!! Well, I’m glad the fabric store near us… Read more »

Pleated Dress Tutorial

Hello everyone! I just wanted to leave you with the tutorial for the blue dress I wrote about in my last post. Instead of writing the tutorial here and having a huge post, I decided instead to make a PDF that you can download and save for later viewing if you so wish. I hope you enjoy it! Get your… Read more »

Sick but busy!

This past week has been horrible health wise. This nasty cold took hold of our household and I got the worse of it. It started with some sniffles form one of the girls, then passed to cough and a little fever for my son, and now it attacked me, hubby and our other little girl. I am by far the… Read more »