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Fresh off the press… and a freebie!

Fall Subitizing Worksheets - FREE SAMPLE

I feel terrible! It has been so long since I posted anything worthwhile in this blog… Summer, lots of work and a very persistent cold have kept me away from my blog. I still don’t feel quite 100% to come back, but I thought I’d leave you a few words to announce a couple of my latest releases, and to… Read more »

Math Fun – Building Blocks and Place Value

Building Blocks & Place Value

Recently, while tutoring a group of grade 2 students, I realized that some of them were having a hard time understanding the value of each digit when representing 2-digit numbers. For example, when asked to represent the number 23, they would draw 2 hearts and 3 squares. When I asked them to use Base-Ten blocks, they knew to use 2… Read more »

Math Fun – A Note About Subitizing

If I were to show you a bowl containing apples and asked how many you see, you would probably have little trouble telling me the correct number. How does that happen? Why does our brain recognize the number of apples in the bowl without the need to count them one by one? This skill is called subitizing and it is the… Read more »

Hot Off the Press – Count With Me – Spring – File Folder Activities

After quite a long time, I have finally published a new resource! Count With Me – Spring – File Folder Activities is the new themed bundle for Math centers. Aiming at grades preK-K, this bundle focuses on counting skills. The bundle includes activities for 6 different file folders. Three of the file folders focus on numbers 1-12 and the other… Read more »

Multiplication Facts Board Game

On one of my last posts, I mentioned supporting resources for the multiplication set. This is the first of those resources. We have had great fun with this game around here! When I thought it was ready to go, I printed everything, my daughters helped me assemble all the pieces and then we sat down and played for hours. And… Read more »

Multiplication! – part 1 1/2

I have divided my Multiplication set from my last post into several stand alone resources. If you are at all interested feel free to browse my shops at   I have made the Time Tables handouts FREE of charge 😀 Oh, and please, PLEASE, leave some feedback at my stores 🙂 Take care, Catia