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Cake anyone??? – Arts & Crafts and so much more

I love that my little girls share in my interest for arts & crafts. In fact, my oldest daughter likes it so much, that I decide to make her a birthday cake inspired by all the crafts she likes. I sketched some ideas, shared them with the family and….. well, soon what was to be just a cake about arts and crafts… Read more »

Cake anyone???? – 40th Anniversary Cake

A friend requested that I make a cake for her in-laws 40th anniversary. After talking for a while about their likes and dislikes, we came to the conclusion that the activities that they enjoyed the most, the other didn’t really care for at all. This is so cute!! Anyway, the gentleman LOVES to go fishing and his wife of 40… Read more »

Sewing Magic – A Spring Dress

As I mentioned in the previous post, my youngest 8th birthday party was a Spring theme. Of course, being a busy Mom as I am, I HAD to find some time to make her a new dress. And it couldn’t be just any dress… NOOOO… It had to be a SPRING dress!!! Well, I’m glad the fabric store near us… Read more »

Felt hairclips

While browsing through the net a few weeks ago, I found these incredibly gorgeous felt hair clips! Of course, my brain mechanisms started rolling right away and I HAD to figure out how they were made. A few supplies and my own original sketches later, I came up with some very cute (if i say so myself) hair clips for… Read more »

Pleated Dress Tutorial

Hello everyone! I just wanted to leave you with the tutorial for the blue dress I wrote about in my last post. Instead of writing the tutorial here and having a huge post, I decided instead to make a PDF that you can download and save for later viewing if you so wish. I hope you enjoy it! Get your… Read more »

Sick but busy!

This past week has been horrible health wise. This nasty cold took hold of our household and I got the worse of it. It started with some sniffles form one of the girls, then passed to cough and a little fever for my son, and now it attacked me, hubby and our other little girl. I am by far the… Read more »