About me

Hello and welcome to my blog!

Who am I? I am a teacher, an educator but first and foremost, I am a MOM!

Teaching is my vocation, something that since a young age I desired to do.

I grew up in a family of teachers. My mother was a teacher, my aunts and some of my uncles were teachers, and a lot of my cousins are also teachers.

Is it any surprise I decided to teach too? 😀

Thus being said, my true natural state is being a MOM! I was truly blessed with three beautiful, healthy children that are the center of my world. They are really wonderful human beings and I am extremely proud of all three of them. This blog intends to show you how both my teacher side and my Mom side come together on a daily basis.

I am currently certified by the Ontario College of Teachers and I am also certified to teach in Portugal by the Portuguese Ministry of Education.

I have a vast experience in education. I have worked with children as young as 1 year old (when I ran a home daycare) and with adults as old as 50. I have tutored many children, I have taught teenagers, I have mentored and tutored student teachers.

Teaching is in my blood, motherhood is my most cherished dream come true!


Since I have decided to join my two blogs, it is only fair that I leave you with a little note about that side of my life, so here it goes 🙂

I’m a working a mom that finds balance by creating with her hands!  From cross stitch embroidery, sewing, scrap booking, cake decorating, jewellery making to playing guitar and singing, I spend every single minute of my free time exploring some kind of art form.

I often get asked where I find the time to get involved in all these artistic endeavors! Well my friends, there is a simple answer: I don’t go on shopping sprees, we don’t travel that much at all and I rather spend time doing something creative than sitting in front of a TV…

I hope you delight in my creations as much as I delight in making them. And feel free to leave your comments 😀

Take care,


Always a Teacher & Forever a Mom