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Once Upon a Game – “Bottle Cap”

One of my most fond childhood memories is of playing on the beach with my brother. Summers of my childhood were spent in a rented house at one of the wonderful Portuguese northern beaches. My parents always rented a house for a month, from local fishermen, and usually this would mean we were within walking distance to the beach. Of course, when you spend the Read More

Once Upon a Game – “Chameleon”

Today I bring you one of my favorite games. You might find there are  some similarities with games played in your own corner of the world, but I thought you’d appreciate another perspective 🙂 Today’s game is called Chameleon (in Portuguese, Camaleao). Its name comes from the outstanding ability this particular reptile has to change its appearance in order to blend into its surroundings.   Read More

Once Upon a Game – “Stretch”

When reflecting upon my childhood experiences as a Portuguese young girl, I often remember the games we played during school recess. It is with great longing that I relive the laughter, happiness and yes, DRAMA, of those fun games. There were no such things as video games, game cards or other fancy toys. Most children’s families could barely afford food and clothing, much less toys. Some Read More

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