Since I spend so much time developing my teaching resources, a few months ago I decided to organize a tiny little space in our basement for this purpose.

It is there that I consult books and notes. It is there that I write the rough drafts of resources. It is there that I store the resources I print and the little idea notes I come up with at all times 🙂

Our basement is small and has low ceilings, and since I also have my craft supplies in the same spot, it can sometimes feel very cramped and gloomy in there. So, I really needed to make it a little cheerier!

Today I will share with you the steps I took to make both of my message boards (while making a new message board for my daughter). These boards are very handy and the colorful fabric lends them a cheery and fancy feel.

I made the first message board just to hold special little mementos that will keep me motivated when I need to take a break or lack inspiration. At this moment my children have this honor, as I filled the board with their photos 😀

The second board is the one I use to place all my ideas, memos and other important things related to teaching. It also has little hooks that can hold scissors, rulers or other handy gadgets.

Here is the step by step procedure to make these message boards:

1- Gather your materials! You will need a canvas, fabric, glue gun and sticks, scissors, ribbons and/or other decorative elements.

2- Place the fabric on top of a table with the right side down.

3- Position the canvas on top of the fabric also with the right side down.

4- Cut the fabric around the canvas, making sure that you leave enough fabric to cover the edges of the canvas.

5- Place some hot glue in the center of one of the sides of the canvas. Wrap the fabric edges around and press until the glue solidifies. Repeat for all 4 sides.

6- Next, glue the rest of the fabric around the edges. Make sure you work in one side at a time and stretch the fabric well. The corners are the last to be glued.

7- This is what your board should look like at this point Front of the board.  Back of the board.

8- Finally, you get to decorate your board.

You could leave it plain and add a few hooks to hang supplies – like I did on the picture at the top- or you can use ribbons and other decorations to make anchors for your notes, photos, etc.

For this particular board, my daughter chose to add some ribbons and fluffy trimming to the bottom. She also decided to leave the top clear so that she can pin things into it.

At this point, just cut enough ribbon to cover the length of the board and the edges. Wrap the ends around the edges of the board and glue them to the canvas.

9- Hang your new message board on your wall and display all your important things on it. Here’s the final product already being used by my daughter 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this small tutorial. Feel free to comment and let me know if you have made yourself a new message board.

Take care,