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Solving Simple Equations – Math Video

I have decided to make a series of tutorial videos to help my students with math concepts. The video I am sharing today, was created during the emergency distance learning period of the last school year 2019/2020. It is a very straightforward video that explains students exactly what they have to do when solving simple equations. It was just the little push my students needed Read More

I’m back! – Math Videos for Online Teaching

I can’t believe it has been almost 2 years since I last wrote in this blog! Life has been incredibly busy. I am now a classroom teacher (not a substitute anymore), and I am teaching grade 6 at the moment. My heart is still set on younger grades, but I am having fun teaching 6. This year things got even more complicated with Covid-19. What Read More

Make Your Own “Share Chair”

Summer is well on its way and the first signs of Back to School season are starting to make themselves noticed. So what does this girl do? Well, she starts dreaming of next year’s classroom and all the possibilities 🙂 As a long term supply teacher, I have no idea (yet) what assignment I will get next year. And when I mean no idea, I Read More

Holiday Ornaments – DVD Reindeer

As promised, here is the second tutorial in this series. Today I bring you the reindeer ornaments. They are so cute! I hope you have as much fun making them as I did. Enjoy!   The Reindeer Ornament What you need: old CDs or DVDs acrylic paints (white, black, pink, brown, red) card stock paper scissors pipe cleaners pompoms craft foam (brown) ribbon paint brushes Read More

7 Humorous Read Alouds for the Elementary Substitute Teacher

Life as a substitute teacher has its perks. You don’t bring work home at the end of the day, you don’t have to spend countless hours planning lessons, and assessment (besides the occasional marking of worksheets) is something over which you don’t need to loose sleep. However, being a supply teacher, also has its drawbacks… difficult classes being the number one in my list. You Read More

Land of Books – The Paper Bag Princess

Today I am writing about another one of the most well known books by Robert Munsch: The Paper Bag Princess. TITLE: The Paper Bag Princess   AUTHOR: Robert Munsch   ILLUSTRATOR: Michel Martchenko   CATEGORY/GENRE: Picture Story Book     SUMMARY: The Paper Bag Princess is a sweet book that tells the story of a princess that lost her beautiful clothing during an attack from a dragon, who also takes off Read More

Lights, Camera, Action! – Project Based Learning -Take 1

    I have always been entranced by the ideas behind Project Based Learning. However, I find that sometimes it is hard for teachers to fully explore and understand what is behind this approach. The following video is the first of a series of videos about Project Based Learning published by Edutopia. Make sure you visit Edutopia’s website HERE, for more videos and interesting articles. Read More

Make Your Own Bunny Game From Recycled Pop Bottles

With Easter fast approaching,  the Internet  is full of inspiring crafts. Since this week is March break (a.k.a. spring break ), and I have a house full of children, I’ve decided to come up with something crafty and Easter related. And thus was this bunny game born ☺ Here’s how we created our bunnies: Gather big plastic pop bottles. Rinse them to get rid of any residual pop Read More

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