Christmas in July 2016

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Christmas in July Linky

Yay, it is Christmas… in July!!! Are you ready for lots of fun, freebies and prizes? Then, continue to read through this blog post and remember to visit the participating blogs in this month’s “I Teach K-2” linky!!! I thought I would be able to write a really nice post for this linky, but alas, life happened… After a broken car, a grade 8 graduation, full time babysitting,  and new tutoring students, the perspective of writing a blog post just wasn’t compelling enough, lol. So, today I  will stick to sharing a couple of freebies currently available in my TpT store, and urging you to participateRead more …

Land of Books – The Paper Bag Princess

The Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munsch - A Book Review

Today I am writing about another one of the most well known books by Robert Munsch: The Paper Bag Princess. The Paper Bag Princess Robert Munsch Michael Martchenko Picture story book.   The Paper Bag Princess is a sweet book that tells the story of a princess that lost her beautiful clothing during an attack from a dragon, who also takes off with her intended Prince Ronald. The brave princess decides to follow the dragon and save Ronald. With nothing else to wear, she puts on the only thing that she could find untouched by the flames of the dragon: a paper bag. When she reachesRead more …

Cake Anyone??? – Another Graduation

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Graduation Cake 2016

It has been such a long time since I posted in this category! My last post was in 2014!!!! I am sure I created a few cakes since then, lol… Today, I wanted to share my latest creation. My middle baby has graduated from elementary school. Like I did for her brother, I decided to bake and decorate a cake for her to share with her fellow graduates. It is a fairly simple cake, but I love how it turned out. Although I wasn’t there when the kids saw it, my daughter guarantees that everyone loved it. I think that the fact that every singleRead more …

Relief Fund for the Residents of Fort McMurray

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Help the residents of Fort McMurray in Alberta Canada. Visit the participating TPT stores on Monday 16 of 2016. All proceed from sales for the day will be donated to the Red Cross fund.

Canada and the world have been attentively watching the disaster that has reached the area of Fort MacMurray in Alberta. The flames’ destruction has caused thousands to be evacuated; thousands without a home and their cherished possessions. All over the country, people are rallying to give as much help as they can to those who are suffering the effects of this disaster.     A group of Canadian TPT authors have started a fundraiser to aid this effort.  All the participating stores will donate the proceeds from their sales on Monday, May 16th of 2016, to the Red Cross Relief Fund for the Residents of Fort McMurray. PleaseRead more …

Is your wishlist or cart ready?

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linky button

With the upcoming sale at Teachers Pay Teachers, everyone is scrambling to get their carts ready in order to take advantage of the huge savings, me included! So, I thought I’d join the Wishlist Linky at Teaching In The Tongass, and nudge you into wise decisions by showing off the three most wish-listed items in my store 😉 Take a look and enjoy! After taking a look at my post, please click the image above to check the top wish listed items in this linky’s participating stores.   First in the list is my Alphabet file folders’ bundle. This set is amazing (if I so say myself).Read more …

Lights, Camera, Action! – Project Based Learning -Take 1

Lights, camera, Action - Teaching Related Videos

    I have always been entranced by the ideas behind Project Based Learning. However, I find that sometimes it is hard for teachers to fully explore and understand what is behind this approach. The following video is the first of a series of videos about Project Based Learning published by Edutopia. Make sure you visit Edutopia’s website HERE, for more videos and interesting articles.   Take care, Catia