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A papercrafts tutorial!

Yesterday I decided to organize all my paper craft supplies. I needed a filing system for my drawings and digital stamps, for my cards, templates and all the tutorials that I print from the internet once in a while. However, I was not willing to spend money for that, so I got myself to work….

Sep_Oct_Nov2010 032

…. and here it is; my filing system made out of a regular box we had laying around in the basement!

Sep_Oct_Nov2010 063

How I made it:

FIRST, I gathered some essential supplies. I realized later that I needed a few more things, but all easy to find around the house.

Sep_Oct_Nov2010 033
SECOND, I traced a wiggly design on the front of the box.

Sep_Oct_Nov2010 034
THIRD, I cut out the wiggly line so that now I have a way of seeing smll items inside the box.

Sep_Oct_Nov2010 035

FOURTH, I sanded the whole box very lightly just to remove some of the glossy film it had.

Sep_Oct_Nov2010 036
FIFTH, I taped the bottom of the box. It was loose and taping it made it sturdier.

Sep_Oct_Nov2010 038
SIXTH, I used the lid that I cut out previously and traced the outline in chipboard to make a sturdy bottom insert for my box.

Sep_Oct_Nov2010 039
SEVENTH, I generously spread some tacky glue on the chipboard…
… and placed it down on the bottom of my box!

Sep_Oct_Nov2010 040Sep_Oct_Nov2010 041

EIGHTH, I measured the sides of the box and cut the lid to those dimensions. I added half an inch to the height and traced it on the decorative paper.

Sep_Oct_Nov2010 042
NINTH, I repeated this for all four sides, inside and out (8 total).

Sep_Oct_Nov2010 043
TENTH, I used one of the decorative papers and traced the wiggly line of the front of the box. Cut it and pasted it.

Sep_Oct_Nov2010 044
ELEVENTH, after pasting all the decorative papers, I folded the extra height from the papers on the inside, towards the outside. This gave a nice finished look to the top edges.

Sep_Oct_Nov2010 048
TWELFTH, I used colored masking tape to fortify the corners of the box. Then, I gave the whole outside a stressed look by rubbing an ink pad throughout the whole surface.

Sep_Oct_Nov2010 051
THIRTEENTH, I cut chipboard sheets to the sizes I wanted for my filling tabs (I started with 8.5″x11″ and 8.5″x5.5″, but later cut other sizes too). Then I distressed them with an ink pad.

Sep_Oct_Nov2010 052
FOURTEENTH, I made a template for a index tab. I chose a half circle, but any shape will do.

Sep_Oct_Nov2010 053
FIFTEENTH, I traced the index tab on a piece of chipboard. One for each tab you wish to make.

Sep_Oct_Nov2010 054
SIXTEENTH, I distressed the tabs with the ink pads.

Sep_Oct_Nov2010 055
SEVENTEENTH, I printed a bunch of labels for my tabs.

Sep_Oct_Nov2010 056
EIGHTEENTH, I punched the corners and placed the labels on the tabs using foam circles.

Sep_Oct_Nov2010 057
NINETEENTH, I aligned the index tab with the big chipboard tabs and punched two small holes on each side of the label.

Sep_Oct_Nov2010 059
TWENTYETH, I placed colorful brads in each hole to secure the two tabs together.

Sep_Oct_Nov2010 060
TWENTY-FIRST, I placed all the tabs inside the box.

Sep_Oct_Nov2010 061
TWENTY-SECOND, I added some embellishements to the front of the box.

Sep_Oct_Nov2010 062
TWENTY-THIRD, I organized all my papers by categories!!!! 😀

Sep_Oct_Nov2010 063Now I have a good system to keep my things organized. I made a few more tabs afterwards as I found I needed some more categories. I made them in different heights too so that I could see them better.

I hope this becomes useful to someone :)! Please leave some feedback!

Until next time…


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