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Cake anyone??? – Arts & Crafts and so much more

I love that my little girls share in my interest for arts & crafts.

In fact, my oldest daughter likes it so much, that I decide to make her a birthday cake inspired by all the crafts she likes.

I sketched some ideas, shared them with the family and….. well, soon what was to be just a cake about arts and crafts became a cake about my daughter and ALL her likes. This being said, I was requested to make a cake that included her love of reading, knitting, embroidery, sewing, painting, drawing, snowmen, snow, paper crafts, the colour blue and of course our cat Monica. She also requested that her fish be included but I run out of room on the cake to do it 🙂

I started by sculpting a figurine in gum paste. Well, that didn’t turn out very good!!!! The gum paste was all sticky and wouldn’t hold its form. I was sooooo frustrated! Finally I gave up and look elsewhere for ideas of materials I could use to make the figurine.

I came across salt clay, cold porcelain and I even considered making it in polymer clay….. after a while, I finally found the solution: modeling chocolate! Why haven’t I thought about this before??? That’s a question I will never be able to answer, lol!

I sculpted the figurine of my daughter sitting with a book in her hands. I’m so proud of myself for this one! It turned our pretty good for a first time 😀

For her party with her friends, I made matching cupcakes. The children were really amazed by the figurine and kept giving suggestions to my daughter on the best way to bite into it!

Anyway, take a look at the photos and leave your feedback. There’s too much to be seen on the cake for me to waste your time reading my words ;).

Arts & Crafts and so much more cake

Arts & Crafts and so much more cake

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