Sunday Night Whispers Linky Party

The first Sunday Night Whispers linky party starts Sunday, February 16 at 7pm EST.

This is how it works: every Sunday night I will post a prompt for you to write about.  You will be able to link your own blog post via the linky at the bottom, between Sunday and Tuesday night.

The prompts will fall within the following categories:

  • teaching related questions – you will have the opportunity to share your expertise, innovative ideas and/or tips (you might even be able to feature some of your products within your posts 😉 )
  • teaching related sayings or quotes
  • images related to teaching or not
  • general topics – so that you have the chance to show your readers that you are also human 🙂
  • tutorials – could be arts and crafts, technology use, how to write a blog post, etc.
  • “once upon a time” prompts – I will start a story and you will use your imagination to create a child-friendly narrative or poem (oooh, I can hardly wait for this one)
  • “the best of” – you will be allowed to showcase the best post on your blog. This category will have no topic 🙂

I hope this new series is able to produce amazing content for all of our blogs. All the entries will be visited by lots of readers, so please make sure your posts are engaging and creative.

Hope to see you there! 🙂

Sunday Night Whispers Linky Party




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