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Fresh off the press… and a freebie!

Fall Subitizing Worksheets - FREE SAMPLE

I feel terrible! It has been so long since I posted anything worthwhile in this blog… Summer, lots of work and a very persistent cold have kept me away from my blog. I still don’t feel quite 100% to come back, but I thought I’d leave you a few words to announce a couple of my latest releases, and to… Read more »

Math Fun – Building Blocks and Place Value

Building Blocks & Place Value

Recently, while tutoring a group of grade 2 students, I realized that some of them were having a hard time understanding the value of each digit when representing 2-digit numbers. For example, when asked to represent the number 23, they would draw 2 hearts and 3 squares. When I asked them to use Base-Ten blocks, they knew to use 2… Read more »

Hot Off the Press!!! – August Releases

Subitizing - How many to make ten

Hello everyone. I decided that instead of filling my blog with posts announcing my new products I am, from now on, just posting once a month to let you know which new products I have released the previous month. So, today I’m posting about all the new products I released in August, as well as all the ones that went… Read more »

Freebie Alert!!! – Classroom Rules

Free Classroom Rules Editable Posters

Hello my dear readers! Today I have a surprise for you…. We all know how important it is to establish classroom rules, routines and expectations right from the first day of school. If we want our students to take ownership and responsibility for their behavior, we have to let them know what they can and cannot do. Most teachers take… Read more »