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Cake anyone??? – A delicate flower cake

My 12 year old decided not to have a theme for her birthday this year. So, when I asked her what she wanted for her cake, she replied that I could do whatever I wanted as long as it was girly and simple. Here is what I came up with: Take care, Catia

Cake anyone??? – My first gluten-free cake!

OK, maybe not the first! But definitely the first that turned out edible 😀 I first tried making a gluten-free cake a few months ago. I have been trying recipes on and off because we have several members of our family that cannot have gluten in their diets. I just didn’t feel right about not providing them with a cake… Read more »

Cake anyone??? – Brushed Embroidery

It has been a while since I posted about my cakes. I have done a few since last time, but I never manage to post their photos :). Today’s cake is the one I made to celebrate both my daughter’s and my father-in-law’s birthdays. My daughter b-day is in April but she was sick and we had to postpone the… Read more »

Cake anyone??? – The Hockey Goalie

Today’s cake was made this weekend for one of the goalies from my son’s team. This kid just started skating this year and has been an incredible thing to see how much he has improved his skills over the last few months! Anyway, his parents asked me to make him a cake. The first idea was to make him just… Read more »

Cake anyone??? – Arts & Crafts and so much more

I love that my little girls share in my interest for arts & crafts. In fact, my oldest daughter likes it so much, that I decide to make her a birthday cake inspired by all the crafts she likes. I sketched some ideas, shared them with the family and….. well, soon what was to be just a cake about arts and crafts… Read more »

Cake anyone??? – The Lorax

Last year, my youngest daughter was part of the choir at school. It was such a fun time for her. The choir was called the Musical Munchkins and was directed by one of the music teachers at the school. They even got to go to a local competition and won the gold medal!!! Yep, they were THAT good! 😀 Can… Read more »