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School Lunches – Applesauce

Here is another staple for our school lunches: applesauce. Of course you can always go to the grocery store and buy a bunch of jars of applesauce and/or those small plastic containers with just enough applesauce for one serving. However, if you are at all concerned with your children’s health and the state of the environment, you will make your own applesauce at home, just Read More

School Lunches – Muffins

Today I’m sharing with you another of our children’s school lunches favourites: muffins. They are yummy, nutritious, easy to eat and fit really nicely into the round plastic containers we have. Almost every single day we add a muffin to their lunch bag. I have tried dozens of different muffin recipes and although most are very likable, only one received the 5 star rating from Read More

School Lunches – Apple Crisp

I don’t know about you but I get really anxious and stressed out when school starts. Yes, that is due mainly to the fact that my babies will be away most of the day and I will miss them terribly, but also because I will have to plan and prepare school lunches for everyone! The issue is that we don’t do packaged foods. It would Read More

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