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Make Your Own Bunny Game From Recycled Pop Bottles

With Easter fast approaching,  the Internet  is full of inspiring crafts. Since this week is March break (a.k.a. spring break ), and I have a house full of children, I’ve decided to come up with something crafty and Easter related. And thus was this bunny game born ☺

Bunny Game from pop bottles

Here’s how we created our bunnies:

  1. Gather big plastic pop bottles. Rinse them to get rid of any residual pop which might make things a little sticky. pop bottles
  2. With the help of an x-acto knife and scissors, cut the bottles in half (or a little above half) – this is a little tricky and should be done by an adult. Pop bottles cut in half
  3. Dry any remaining water, and start painting with acrylic paints and a sponge. If you are working with smaller children, you might want to consider putting some duct tape on the top edge in order to avoid cuts.Paint bottle with acrylic paints
  4. Once the whole bottom of the bottle is painted, set aside to dry.
  5. Then, start working on the bunny. First print the templates from this file. Cut the shapes on the dashed lines. 8
  6. Once the shapes are cut, you can decorate the face of the bunny 🙂 9
  7. Use glue to attach a pom-pom to the back of the bunny template. This will make a cute tail.
  8. Once the bottles are dry, line the top edges with duct tape. Use hot glue to attach the body to the back of the bottle, and the paws to the front. Glue the pieces with the numbers to the front of the bottle.

Now, it is time to have some fun!!! Place the bunnies in random order on the floor. You can now start taking turns tossing the lids (saved from the same bottles) into the bunnies. Count the points to see who wins!

I hope this simple craft and game brings you joy!

Take care,


Always a Teacher & Forever a Mom

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