Yeah! I’m in the spotlight this week!

I belong to an amazing group of teacher clip artists and one of them (our very own Teaching in the Tongass) had the great idea of starting a Clipart Club.

In this club, a selection of clip artists from our group will be in the spotlight for an entire week. Depending on what each of the artists decides to do during his/her spotlight week, there will be exclusive freebies, giveaways and lots of fun stuff. So, if you are a teacher author and love to collect clipart, don’t forget to join our Clipart Club at

As the very FIRST spotlight artist of the Clipart Club, I am throwing a week-long sale on all of my clipart on my TpT store! If you were waiting for such a moment to obtain any of my sets, please feel free to visit my store and join our club to enjoy the fun 🙂

And that is all for today!

Take care,