This past week, 12 INCREDIBLE artists from the TpT Clipart Tribe came together to create something absolutely amazing!! For the first time, we brought our skills and artistic styles together and each artist was allowed to add a unique piece to create our very own Franken{doodle}stein.

(Thank you Sarah Pecorino Illustrations for putting this image together for us!)

This GENIUS idea came from an amazing artist! She just put it out there and we were all happy to follow her lead. Please visit Michelle from 3AMTeacher blog and let her know how AMAZING she is for coming up with this incredible idea!!! 🙂

I had a blast participating in this initiative. When the first few artists started adding their pieces, I literally felt my stomach turn. What was I getting into??? They are all so talented and I was so afraid of ruining their work!!! And then it was my turn… I was lucky to be able to choose to draw the skirt, lol. An easier piece, and I could not do much damage there! 😀 I had so much fun thinking of how I could complement all the other pieces with my own artistic style. In the end, I am quite pleased with my work (there, I’m patting my own back now, lol).

This was a fun project and I look forward to another one, if it happens 🙂 The best part is that all these pieces are free for your personal use! You just have to collect, print and then assemble them! Enjoy!

Click the images below to download the skirt & kitty and then hop on over to the next blog to grab some more goodies and the next piece to our Franken-Doodle-Stein!!

Click the image below to hop on over to DAISY A DAY DOODLES to download Franken-Doodle-Stein’s other pieces as well as some goodies from her shop and blog.


And to bring even more fun to this experience, some of the participating artists created an extra freebie (each) for your use. Make sure to visit our blogs and retrieve those as well 🙂

Here is mine! Please click the image to go to the download page

I hope you enjoy these treats 😉

Take care,