On a previous post, I showed you how to assemble a simple file folder that children can use with white board markers.

Today I bring you a tutorial on how to assemble file folders that have cut-out pieces that need to be stored.

I will be assembling one of my most recent file folder activity sets. You can visit my stores if you wish to acquire it 😉

So here it goes:

1- Gather your supplies! You will need your file folder printables, scissors, a trimmer (if you have one), glue, one file folder, one CD envelope and laminating material (I use contact paper). 2 – Trim the edges of the activity pages so that they fit nicely on the file folder. 3- Place the two first activity pages side by side on the opened file folder to verify their size. 4- Cut the laminating material to size. Measure by placing your pieces on top and leaving an edge of about 1 cm. 5- Place the pages on the file folder and laminate them onto the folder. 6- Repeat the process for the third activity page and laminate it onto the back of the folder. 7- Cut thebig label and laminate it onto the front of the folder. Make sure you place it towards one of the sides in order to leave room for the CD envelope. 8- Put some glue on the front of the CD envelope… 9- … and paste it onto the file folder, side by side with the big label. 10- Laminate the small label onto the top of the folder. 11- Laminate the cut-outs page by laying in on top of laminating material already cut to size. 12- Place another piece of material onto the back of the cut-outs page. 13- Cut all the pieces. 14- Cut pieces 🙂 15- Place the cut-out pieces inside the CD envelope… 16- …and close the flap! Safe and tidy!!! 17-View of the finished folder – back 18- View of the finished folder – inside View of the finished folder – front

Alternatively, you can add Velcro strips to the spots where the cut-outs will have to be placed on the folder. This will ensure that the pieces do not slide off when the child is working with the folder.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Now it’s time for you to try your own 😀

Take care,